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World Trade Center Artifact On Display In Hooksett

Reception Ceremony attened by Police and Fire officials

Hooksett is among four New Hampshire communities to be awarded an Artifact salvaged from the World Trade Center. The artifact is a piece of steel measuring 45x 14x 14 and weighs 593.4 lbs. According to Port Authority of NY & NJ officials, the steel thickness indicates that this artifact was in the upper floors although its unclear if it originated from North or South Tower.

L to R: Firefighters Lincoln, Knox and Uitts at JFK in New York after the Artifact was loaded

At the request of the September 11 Families' Association, steel recovered from ground zero was made available for organizations to incorporate into local September 11, 2001 memorials.

The process started with submitting a letter to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey on September 21, 2009. Over the next eighteen months Hooksett officials were informed of the application status. In September of 2010 The Port Authority requested additional information as to size of the steel requested, and in February 2011 Hooksett was notified that an artifact from the World Trade Center had been reserved. The Artifact was picked up at JFK Airport in New York City courtesy of firefighters who volunteered their time and donated transportation costs to bring this piece of history to Hooksett. It will eventually be the center piece of the new Ceremonial Park that will be built by off duty fire and police officials. Until then, the Artifact will be on public display in the lobby of the James H. Oliver Safety Center located at 15 Legends Drive.

Officer Peter Dyrkacz Stands at attension during the ceremonyChief of Police Stephen Agrafiotis speaks during ceremony as Firefighter Bryce Knox stands vigil
A reception ceremony was held to honor the 3000 victims of which 343 firefighters from FDNY and 72 police officers from NYPD and Port Authority and to formally assume possession of this piece of history on Thursday May 19, 2011 at 3:00 PM. The service opened with an invocation from Hooksett Fire Department Chaplain Patricia Bona followed by a police message provided by Chief of Police Stephen Agrafiotis. Assistant Fire Chief Dean Jore provided the fire service message followed by the fire department Honor Guard folding an American flag in honor of the victims. In attendance were representatives from the Fire and Police Departments and Hooksett Town Administrator Carol Granfield.

Assistant Chief Dean Jore

There are some 1200 pieces that has been selected to be used for 9/11 memorials across the United States. Nashua, Hudson and Windham are the other New Hampshire communities that have received an artifact and have plans for building memorials to honor the victims of September 11, 2001.

WTC Artifact Ceremony
WTC Artifact will be on disdplay at the James Oliver Safety Center



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