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Mission Statement

Hooksett PatchThe Primary Mission of the Hooksett Fire-Rescue Department is to provide a range of programs designed to protect the lives and property of the inhabitants of the Town of Hooksett from the adverse effects of fire, sudden medical emergencies or exposures to dangerous conditions created by either man or nature.

The primary goal of each program implemented by the Hooksett Fire-Rescue Department is to provide an element of service that contributes toward a safe working and living environment in the most cost effective and efficient manner possible.The Fire-Rescue services include fire suppression and prevention with a strong emphasis on proactive fire prevention programs addressing:

  1. Public education;

  2. The inspection of existing facilities within the community; Fire cause determination, including arson investigation, along with rescue and advanced emergency medical services.

  3. It is the specific intent of the Fire-Rescue Department to provide support elements: administration, personnel services, training, communications, apparatus and equipment to optimize the effectiveness of Fire-Rescue Department personnel. Department members will be encouraged and assisted in achieving their potential professional growth, development and advancement, to provide state of the art firefighting, rescue, emergency medical services and life safety activities and techniques.

Philosophy Statement

In order to effectively carry out our mission, it is essential that a philosophy statement, outlining our shared values, traits and beliefs be defined. More importantly, we recognize that membership in this organization denotes understanding, acceptance and support of this philosophy.

The Philosophy of your Hooksett Fire-Rescue Department is as follows:

  1. We respect and support each other.
  2. We are collectively Town of Hooksett’s Number One Service Agency.
  3. We go out of our way to ensure Hooksett total customer satisfaction.
  4. We maintain foremost in our minds an attitude that projects our mission:
    The protection of lives and property.
  5. We recognize that all of our decisions ultimately impact our customers. As such, we use our Mission to guide us in all decision-making and subsequent action.
  6. We will subject all of our professional actions to front-page newspaper publication.
  7. We recognize, accept, encourage and facilitate all governmental service delivery to our citizens and visitors. We are a vital component of Government. We contribute to the quality of life in Hooksett. We protect our citizens, our firefighters, our local economy and our future.
  8. We continually strive to offer all of our services on a fair and equitable basis, community wide.
  9. We accept the fact that fire/rescue service delivery can at times be eminently hazardous to our own personnel welfare. We acknowledge that as individual members and as part of an aggressive, highly trained, fire/rescue team, we:
    • Take significant risks to save and protect life
    • Take measured risks to save and protect property
    • Are committed to making family sacrifices in times of community need
  10. We continually support the County, State, National and International Fire/ Rescue Community by providing an objective leadership role on issues and matters, which may impact our delivery of services and/or the image of our fire/rescue services.
  11. We encourage our members to be highly visible and easily accessible to our customer.
  12. We continually promote the professionalism and credibility of our department.
  13. We recognize that each member of our department brings talent, skills and dedication to his/her duties and responsibilities. We acknowledge our obligation to provide each member opportunities to share those talents and skills and to grow professionally, socially, emotionally and intellectually. We recognize that our families will have to manage without our presence during significant emergency events. We acknowledge our obligation to the Department and our obligation to loved ones, to plan ahead and make provisions for our absences
  14. We take personal care of our department provided facilities, apparatus and equipment.



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