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Forest Fire Warden

The Forest Fire Warden is the representative of the State Forester and appointed by the State Forester. The Warden performs the duties as authorized by RSA 227-L. The Warden shall be familiar with the state laws, rules and regulations relating to the job. The main duties of the warden are:
Fire Prevention:
  1. Requiring permits for all outdoor burning when the ground is not covered with snow. Wardens have the responsibility for issuing fire permits within their jurisdiction.
  2. Enforcing forest fire laws and following up on all known violations with such action as will prevent occurrence.
  3. Keeping the public informed by posting fire laws and fire prevention posters in public places; by direct contact with people, by making known to the public, the imposition of a woods closure.
  4. Informing Forest Ranger of active timber sales, slash law violations and potential fire situations.

Fire Preparedness:
  1. Attending official training sessions; keeping informed of responsibilities.
  2. Preplanning forest fire hazards; preparing a current town forest fire plan utilizing knowledge of Deputy Forest Fire Wardens.
  3. Determining tool and equipment requirements; enlisting the cooperation of the Selectmen in securing them. Tools and equipment shall be properly stored and always ready.

Fire Supression:
  • Suppressing forest fires is the Warden's primary responsibility. The Warden is expected to use the authority provided to accomplish this end. The Warden shall consult with and work in unified command with the Forest Ranger.
Reports and Bills:
  1. The Warden shall prepare a full and accurate fire report and send it to the direct Forest Ranger within 48 hours of a fire. Special effort should be made to determine the actual cause and responsible party
  2. Prompt payment of firefighters is essential. An accurate record of personnel and hours of work on each fire shall be maintained, promptly submitting bills and receipts, on proper forms, to the Selectmen and the Forest Ranger as set forth by RSA 227-L:22.
  3. The Warden shall submit to the selectmen twice a year a bill for services rendered other than services on fires.

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